Review: Parasites by Matthew Samuels

A huge thank you to the author for sending me a copy with a lovely thank you note!

What a trip!

This story is one to recommend to sci-fi fans. We are introduced to likeable and smart characters that are self sufficient and mature which means there’s no time for silly romances or fights just to create pointless drama.
The world(s) are well thought through so the author does not leave you to fill in the gaps instead describes everything allowing you to sink into his world which is important for sci-fi. It’s especially impressive since this is a self published novel.

As a person who focuses more on characters and dialogue I think sometimes it would be worth letting the characters speak and letting us learn the story through them or situations instead of telling us through descriptions. But this is me and I know readers who are the opposite and will love it the way the author chose to do it and be grateful for it.

Definitely an author worth a follow!

Parasites is available HERE

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